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Friday, February 06, 2009

So Rick Steves is Actually Hella Cool (REALLY)

Live blogging the NCCROW Women's Leadership Summit today and tomorrow. It's been fun and a neat look at how women are getting ahead in the NOLA community. Tomorrow, we've got the guys who founded Kiva.Org and Megan Boler coming: new media a-rama! I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, I am helping plan a sustainable food, gender, and globalization trip to Bolsena, Italy for this summer, thru Newcomb Tulane. I reccomend all who are interested in real food and Italy (and who isn't) and lives in the NOLA area check this out ASAP.

Will do a pictorial tomorrow (ish) on my beloved roasted Brussels sprout recipe. I am kind of living on these lately I am not ashamed to admit. I am exceeding fond of brussels sprouts. The fact that the majority of Americans know nothing to do with them other then boiling and salting depresses me to the core of my being. They are luscious taste treats if done right.

I am listening to Rick Steves discuss Iran right now on NPR and am really impressed with him. I always thought he was the king of the soporific travel hosts, but he sounds like a passionate guy who's truly interested in humanizing Iran - he believes we can prevent war by getting to know the other guy. Hell, he may even be right. He's also funny as hell (REALLY!) and has some extremely amusing anecdotes about Iran. Mr. Steves, I apologize for anything I may have said about you in the past. God speed.

He is commenting on everyone praying with their butts in the air and "I can't concentrate, there's so many beautiful butts in the air!" I love this man. "More nose jobs per capita in Iran then anywhere else on the planet!"

In my continuing quest to bring you Creepy Ass Food....
Hot Beef Sundaes! Mmm! And Pizza on a Stick. I THINK I MAY MOVE TO NEBRASKA.

White Castle Recipes!

White Castle Brunch Muffins anyone? Seriously, the recipe calls for stuffing White Castle burgers into muffin tins, baking them with some other gunk, then eating them. really. Shit you not. There is White Castle Dim Sum. (Would probably go over well in China to tell the truth.) There's also a recipe for a White Castle burger curry. For god's sake don't tell India.

Could someone who lives within spitting distance of a White Castle make this? For science?

I also rooted up some very distressing 70's ads on Youtube:

Sugar Bear Cartoon: Everyone is stoned in this cartoon.

They were VERY stoned in this McDonaldland ad.

Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch!

Seriously, you guys had a cartoon about bears with afros? That was it? That was the entire conceit, the hook, the everything? And people paid lots of money to produce this? Really?

I am so sorry.

Levi's Evolution Commercial 1970

This is incredibly distressing and I imagine infinitely more so when one is, say, trippin' balls. This ad may very well be responsible for many an acid flip out.

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