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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i live!

I live. I spent the weekend blogging the Newcomb Women's Summit so I got rather blog and Twittered out. I did manage to break Twitter's post limit like three times so I feel pretty productive.

I may be doing a food related trip to Italy this summer. More forthcoming on that.

Krewe du Vieux was very fun this weekend. I ended up dancing all the way up Royal and very much enjoyed myself. However i am discovering today that like half of Tulane saw me and now thinks i am nuts, but that was a conclusion they were going to make anyway. i really really wasn't drunk though! just highly energetic.

I went to the first meeting of the Garden District Book Shop Cookbook club and really enjoyed Judy Walker's talk. I knew nothing whatsoever about how newspaper food sections were run and enjoyed hearing about the nuts and bolts.

"Cooking up a Storm" is an amazing cookbook and I suggest everyone order copies. The recipes are all New Orleans vintage and stuff many of us may not have seen before. I'm definitely making Creole okra with tomato sauce and shrimp for supper this week, and I hope to introduce some of this stuff into the family rotation - the lightened up oyster casserole looks divine, as does the super easy recipe for Hummingbird cake. As Ms.Walker explained, the recipes in the book were the most requested by New Orleans natives and devotees the world over - some from as far as New Zealand - and you can rest assured this is the stuff New Orleans is really eating.


Anonymous said...

Hummingbird cake - drool...also oyster pie. Mother's Day is coming up...

Anonymous said...

I should have ditched the grandparents and gone with you! Glad it was a good time.