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Thursday, February 05, 2009

bourdain vs alice waters, disney eggs, dutch harbor, more fun

Anthony Bourdain Talks Recession Eating - DCist

I'll tell you. Alice Waters annoys the living shit out of me. We're all in the middle of a recession, like we're all going to start buying expensive organic food and running to the green market. There's something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters that has become unrealistic. I mean I'm not crazy about our obsession with corn or ethanol and all that, but I'm a little uncomfortable with legislating good eating habits.

Honestly, I kinda feel him here. I'm all for organic eating and healthy food, but there's another holier-then-thou side to the coin that pisses me off just as much as junk food and Mc'D's. I spent a healthy portion of my school years in a hippie school and the constant parental hand wringing over OMG IT'S NOT ORGANIC was so very eye rolling inducing. People will change their food habits if it makes sense to them and if it is affordable - they will not change their habits because a bunch of blissed-out Berkeley residents tell them to. We have to make eating well practical and inexpensive, and to be totally honest, that priority is probably gonna have to hit the backburner for a while until we get the recession figured out and ramen stops looking so attractive. Sometimes life sucks.

Disney Advertising on Eggs

Speaking of creepy food, Disney is now putting character stamps on eggs. Really. I can't think of anything profound to say other then that there's probably some symbolism here that a better English major then me could tease out.

Dutch Harbor Alaska's Hysterical Police Blotter

"A boat comes in with 50 people. You're a bunch of single guys, or your family's back in Seattle -- what do you do for two days in town?" said Police Chief Jamie Sunderland, who ended up in Dutch Harbor after a 10-year career in Army intelligence as a Russian linguist. "You go play some basketball, you shop for some doodads, and then you go to the bar and drink."

Of course, the locals manage to get into their own share of scrapes. Names aren't included in the blotter postings unless someone has been charged with a significant crime. Still, most residents are able to read between the lines. Who was the woman who phoned the police and said her armchair was trying to kill her? That one was easy -- her furniture's always after her. Who was the trawl fisherman arrested for driving while intoxicated after pulling out of the Harbor View Bar's parking lot with a teacup Chihuahua in his lap? Do you have to ask?

"People read this and they think, 'What kind of a place is this?' "Webb said.

Great, funny-ass journalism, LA Times. I gotta read them more often.

Cake Happy: Guava and Passion Fruit Cake

So I know what I want for MY birthday....

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