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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

food news food news

Half-assed update tonight, I'm rather busy, life is pain.

Socola Chocolates

Scrumptious looking Vietnamese inspired chocolates. They have bacon and durian flavors. I am sold. Socola is the Vietnamese word for chocolate, by the by.

Dungeness Crab Week in San Francisco.

Feburary 19th to March 1st is Dungeness Week in the Bay and I am incredibly pissed I cannot be there. I imagine I could make some sort of low rent variant on chili crabs from the little blue gulf guys we get here, though. Hmm, I believe I have my weekend project.

Restaurants Being Nice Again - NYTimes

And so too does snooty ass eating find its Waterloo: the economy. Soon we will start seeing blue-plate specials at WD-50 and Vong, Thomas Keller shilling MRE's and Bouchon labeled meal bars in the back of Women's Day. As an aside, a 35 dollar prix fixe menu at Vong? I wish I was in New York, even if it is butt-ass cold there.

Daphen Derven joins NOLA Food and Farm Network

Good development, this. We need more dedicated food pros boots on the ground in NOLA. I'm hoping to volunteer with the Edible Schoolyard for my community service project at Tulane next year...great program.

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