new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Stay Local! New Orleans and Market Updates And Sundry

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stay Local! New Orleans and Market Updates And Sundry

Attention New Orleanians:

Stay Local! New Orleans is sponsoring local business awards. If you know an awesome local business here that personifies what it means to serve the community in style, let Stay Local! know about them.

I just discovered Stay Local! at the Market today and was impressed with them. I'm happy a organization furthering the cause of local and unique businesses is operating here in NOLA, and I wish them all the best. Check them out in their mission of protecting culture, commerce, and the environment in our beloved mish-mash of a city.

They've got handy neighborhood local-business guides as well.

Market update: got some great looking summer squash and okra in. Try some muscadines, which are a grape-like native Louisiana fruit with a distinctive, pop-in-your-mouth flavor. Don't miss the kettle corn, jalapeno-cheese tamales, or avocado cream popsicles. You know you want them....

Had a great lunch at Bennachin today. It's the African restaurant on Royal Street, in the Quarter. Spicy, tasty shrimp stew and cheap. Contentment.

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