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Monday, May 25, 2009

What I am Doing Next Week

I'm leaving for a two month trip to Italy, Switzerland, and Spain in less then a week, and I'll be blogging the entire thing over here. For the first two weeks, I'll be blogging Tulane University's Newcomb Center for Research on Women's Summer Institute in Bolsena, Italy. I'll be leading blogging workshops, taking marginally decent photographs, and generally covering the stuff we do. This will include trips to Parma, cooking classes, tours of the UN world food headquarters and other fun stuff, so presumably you might want to read this.

After the Bolsena/Tulane trip is finished, I'll be going to Switzerland for a few weeks, to stay with family friends and explore Lucerne, the Italian border, and other locales. I'll be blogging the whole thing, per usual.

Then, I'll return to Rome to meet up with my parents, wherein we'll spend a few days hanging out in Rome, revisiting Pompeii, and possibly going to La Pergola, Rome's three star Michelin restaurant. There will also be gelato.

Finally, we'll fly to Madrid, then take the train to Toledo for a few days. Afterwards, we'll rent a car and drive up to Castile and Leon, where we'll stay at a few sea-side towns and vegetate. Then we'll head to Bilbao, visit the Guggenheim, and eat at Extebarri, the home of Spain's famous grilling master. End game: a visit to Madrid and flying on back home. Should be fun. If it isn't, there's something wrong with me.

I'll be blogging it all here: Faine Devours Europe.

Stay tuned!