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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Food Frippery

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Many Summer Internships Going Organic - NYTimes

Kidlets from nice schools are streaming onto organic farms to complete internships in decidely non literary topics - milking cows and rolling cheeses, anyone? The cynic in me finds the prospect of a bunch of Renaissance Literature majors mucking out pig pens to be vastly amusing ("Omigod but it's so dirty!), but the idealist, nice person that lurks somewhere within my soul thinks it's a rather charming trend. I suppose a natural reaction to both the preponderance of technology and economic upheaval is getting back to nature - and liberal arts majors who've read a little too much Romantic poetry are especially prone to acting on their agricultural impulses. I just pity the rough n' ready farmer who has to root an Arabic romantic poetry specialist out of bed at four in the morning. As for me - the archetypical soft and squishy liberal arts major - I can't say I'm lining up to work in the burgeoning field of sheep herding myself. I'll probably regret it very much when the apocalypse comes.

A Leader Looking for a Following - SacBee

The Boon Boon Cafe in Sacramento gets another great review. Has anyone made it out there of late? I've really got to put it on my list. Thai fusion sounds like a lot of fun in my book. I also intend to get to Udupi Cafe for some chaat in the near future.

In regards to Senor Blair Anthony Robertson, who seems to get reamed out fairly regularly on the Bee's always-entertaining comments page: I like the guy. He's a good writer, he's interesting, and although he isn't the wine expert Mike Dunne was, he brings a good voice to the page. Although he does tend to drool on the knee of restaurants he *likes* to an extent I find kinda embarrassing, he can take apart *crappy* restaurants with charming wit and verve. I think we should let him live.

Burgers from Lotteria, South Korea's McDonalds - A Hamburger Today

Robyn Lee of Hamburger Today reviews South Korean's McDonalds equivalant. Those rice bun burgers look totally odd but delicious. As for the squid burger: hell yeah, I'd go there. The bulgogi burger? Beats me why that ain't already on the menu at our Hawaiian BBQ joints. I think someone who is more industrious then I shall ever be should construct a website functioning as a database of world fast food places. I'll try to take a bunch of photos in Spain and Italy. (Italy has GOOD fast food).

Drinking Age in Different Countries -

Ever wonder about the drinking age in Paraguay? has got your back. (It's 20, in case you were curious). America, along with Indonesia and Palau, has the oldest age at 21. Good company to be in, I guess. Of course, you could be in Libya, Sudan, or Iran (among others) where alochol is completely illegal, so perhaps we should stop complaining.


undercover caterer said...

Boon Boon is pretty good, but steer clear of the lunch specials, they are boring. Crab deluxe fried rice (or something like that) is worth every cent of the $12.

What do you think of Greg Lucas in the SN&R? I like his writing better than his predecessors, but the name-dropping of his celebutard guests annoys the hell out of me.

Faine said...

Greg Lucas sorta irritates me. I generally dislike SNR food reviews anyway though..they are so insufferably indie!