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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Internet, I Loves You!

I want to be this woman.

I'm happy to be at school and revitalized about blogging and new media. I know, how loathsomely sugary and perky I sound. The Sophielab is coming along nicely, and we're hoping to have the blog up soon. I already have tons of ideas for blog posts and features once things get rolling: we're hoping to become the erstwhile Boing Boing of the women and new media world.

I've also fallen head first into the happy world of Twitter. I realized this weekend that Twitter is the ultimate running buddy for an ADHD internet fiend like myself. I surf the internet like a meerkat on crack: we're talking 6 windows open at a time, reading 5 things at once, writing emails, composing blog posts - you get the picture. With Twitter, I can dash off thoughts, put up interesting links, or just comment on the tasty ass chicken I made for dinner without pomp or circumstance - and I can go back and look at it all later. I think I'm in love.

I'm getting into Digg as well, although it's of rather less use for my blog interests. It does a good job of aggregating interesting, weird, and informative info from across the vast and unexplored expanses of the internet, but it absolutely needs more diversified categories.

Also: doing a search for "women" on Digg is a depressing experience. 10 hottest babes in business, anyone?

Will be doing some guest food blogging soon. I'm trying to work up the courage to post pictures of my own cooking. I do not think it's up to snuff yet but well, content is content...

So speaking of interesting links:

Witness the terror of the Scottish Munchy Box.

Marilyn Monroe Hormone Discovered
Supposedly this potent little compound makes some women hotter, sexier, and much more likely to become disenchanted with the men in their lives. I'm not entirely sure I'm buying it, although I can imagine Pamela Anderson using it as a legal defense sometime down the line.

Google is Making Us Smarter.

I was so glad to encounter this great answer to the common old fogie complaint that the internet is making us punk kids dumber.

Why do we need to carry around scads of minor information at all times when we can easily access it all at the stroke of a button? Furthermore, why is this a bad thing or a symptom of decline? Could it be argued we'll just develop much more powerful abilities to synthesize and analyze the tremendous wealth of information that now lies at our fingertips?

Okay, so maybe I should do a separate blog post on this.....


Anonymous said...

Cool Design! Also guest blogs?


Anonymous said...

Also you OWN those boots...