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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Oreans Food News

Interesting Links of the Day

New Orleans Rebuilds Recipe Files Lost to Katrina

My dad and I realized rather quickly why antiques markets are sparse in New Orleans: people simply lost their old stuff. The same went for their recipes, as integral part of the city's culture and spirit as Sazeracs and public disorder. A new book, "Cookin' Up A Storm", collects these lost and found recipes in a great compilation of good old NOLA cooking. Think I know what my family members are getting for presents this year. (Sssh!)

New Orleans Chef Bows to His Roots With New Venture in Cajun Food

Donald Link, head chef at Herbsaint and general NOLA hero, maintains a personal artisian sausage cabinet. To this man I wish only the best. Cochon Butcher opened this Tuesday and maybe I'll make it down there soon: I may trust this dude to execute a Cuban sandwich properly. (Did I say that already?)

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