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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is This Thing Over Yet? The Election And Me

- You may have noticed I have not said anything about the election. This is for many reasons.

1. The 2004 election was the first election I was really and truly passionate about. I had just turned 16, and was fairly certain that the universe actually gave a rats ass about my political opinions and views. My adorable little self was *convinced* that the American populace at large would see the error of their ways and vote to put John Kerry in office, even if he did enjoy flip flops, waffles, and wind-surfing. I stuck a Kerry button on my jacket and happily trapised to my very conservative (yes, in Sacramento) public high school, where I defended my political views against a bunch of frothy types with what I considered to be verve and wit.

Well, we all remember how that turned out.

So am I scarred for life? I wouldn't say that - scarred is such a strong word! - but I've certainly grown more apathetic. The political game in general makes me queasy, and I dislike immensely the ridiculous hamster-ball race we put candidates through. It is, I am convinced, a beauty pageant for middle aged pundits with lousy bodies and it is not one I want to watch.

I am also extremely sick of the candidate-humping I've seen going on of late. Let me be clear: I like Obama just fine. I have voted for him twice. I cold-called for his campaign. If we met on the street, I would shake his hand and ask him about his children. I believe he will salvage the USA's reputation overseas, and as a foreign traveler, I am very, very happy about that. Go Obama, etc etc.

But I have limits.

Unlike many of my peers, I do NOT -

*think he is the second coming
* want him to be my surrogate daddy
*would like to sleep with a plush doll of his comforting, oddly calm visage every night
* wear Obama t-shirts every day with a blissed out expression on my face
(repeat as needed)

Of course, the same shit is going on on the GOP side, especially over The Remarkable Sarah Palin. Less said about that the better. You don't want to see me froth. You won't like me when I'm frothy.

I am very happy the Democrats are slated to win the election, but I also do not think that that Magical Day of Happiness will cause unicorns and posies to suddenly fly out of the ass of the Lincoln Memorial or anything. The country as it stands right now is still in some rather serious shit - financially, morally, intellectually - and I will judge either candidate with an equally gimlet eyeball regarding fixing the mess.

I do not particularly want to subject the blogosphere to my thoughts on politics as 1. I try to have as few of them as possible and 2. oh god this will be over in a few days just a few more days I can hang in there.

(Si, Me Puede!)

Since this IS a food blog (sort of):

Cookie Candidates: You Too Can Eat A Grinning Sarah Palin Head!

Obama Waffles and Mooseburger Helper: Oh Boy!

Obama And McCain Cakes: Ooh, Mommy, I Want A Slice of McCain's Melanoma!

McCain and Obama Candies: Oh God Candy Obama Is Watching Me Pee

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Anonymous said...

"A slice of his melanoma"...that's so disqusting it's comic genius.