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Sunday, October 26, 2008

autumn music

Autumn Music

I have an odd tendency to associate certain music with seasons. Autumn ain't no exception. I like to tell myself that I have particularly enlightened taste in music but I am forced to conclude that may not be the case. Thankfully every year I get older the last I give a rats ass about being cool and wearing my indie hat and learning the super secret handshake so I can get into The Indie Club (where everyone is drinking ironic beer and scowling) so I am posting this anyway.

Love Theme From Spartacus: Yusef Lateef

This is my favorite piece of music in the entire world. I imagine I will be listening to it and smiling about it until I die. It is also an ideal piece of fall music: I can see the leaves blowing down and the wind going around one's feet, if that makes any sense.

All The Trees of The Field Will Clap Their Hands - Sufjan Stevens

If I am alive/This time next year/will I have arrived in time to share/And mine is about as good this far/And I'm still applied to what you are

I like the solemn nature of this. I also enjoy Sufjan Steven's plonky guitars. In fact, anything by Sufjan Stevens = Fall to me.

Illinois - Sufjan Stevens

I think I associate this one with fall because I listened to this album nonstop my freshman year of college. I came home for the first time on break - smack dab in the middle of your typical Gorgeous New England fall - and was listening to this song on the plane. It's got this anticipatory starting a new life sound I love. Also, I happen to be exceedingly fond of Sufjan Stevens despite any indie backlash he may be experiencing.

One thing I really hate about indie backlash is that any hip, undercover indie artist I find myself liking will be declared totally obsolete and lame about 15 minutes after I start liking them and then I have to feel embarrassed.

Darkness, Darkness - The Youngbloods

Totally early hippie-goth but I really like the folky feeling of this. As you may have guessed by now, I have a complex relationship with fall. Part of me enjoys the Crisp Mornings, Thanksgiving Mandated Togetherness, and Halloween Mischief aspect of the entire thing. The other part of me - the cold phobic seasonally-affective disordered wackjob - wants to crawl under a rock and die whenever that certain chill enters the air.

Not that you make me want to crawl under a rock and die or anything, Youngbloods. I hope I didn't offend you. Admittedly, I am not entirely sure you are actually alive, since, well, sixties hippie band.

Autumn Leaves - Johnny Mercer

Okay, okay, this is so very NO SHIT SHERLOCK. But, 1. I like to think I am one of a select few very cool and awesome 20 year olds who like to listen to Johnny Mercer and 2. it really is a perfect melancholy fall song. And I am so not apologizing.

Autumn in New York - Billie Holiday

It's hard to pick between this and the Charlie Parker version, I'll have you know. However, this has a slightly more feminine and wonderment-filled tinge to it then Parker's version and thus I picked it. It is one of my favorite songs.

I have never actually been in New York in Autumn and thus cannot offer any sort of assessment of same. I know this heinous as someone who has experienced the Supreme Ultimate Wonderment of Massachusetts fall, but I think the most beautiful fall colors I've ever seen were in Asheville, North Carolina. Heinous!

Que Sera -Wax Tailor

I like this hip hop variant on a classic. Keys into the inevitability of fall. Oh goodness there I go being deep again eww.


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