new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Rikitikitavi: Chicken Fingers, Goddamit (Also, It's Lovely)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rikitikitavi: Chicken Fingers, Goddamit (Also, It's Lovely)

Riverside Road
Kampot, Cambodia

Rikitikitavi is most likely Kampot's nicest hotel, and it's got a lovely upstairs restaurant attached as well. With a view over the river, an all-wood interior, and lots of gently wafting fans, it's a good upscale pick in Kampot if you're willing to pay a spot more for the privilege. The menu is a mix of Western and Khmer food, with an emphasis on charcoal grilled meats - which they do a fine turn with. There's usually a host of specials, and a very good apple pie with ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention the beverage list? That shit is extensive. I don't regret that birthday Pina Colada I had last month there. Although I remember it somewhat hazily.

Rikitikitavi is known for its burger, which is indeed a worthy effort in an Asian nation with a curious preponderance of burgers. This one has pineapple on it, which I think is awesome and my boyfriend approached with great distrust. He ordered it sans pineapple but it was good anyway. Also, highly recommendable french-fries.

OK, yeah, chicken fingers. But when you live in Cambodia, chicken fingers come to take on an aura of exoticism. Can we run down to Chilis or TGI Friday's whenever we get the urge to eat deep fried chicken breast with dipping sauces? No. No, we cannot. The Family Restaurant/Americana Nostalgia Chain Restaurant hasn't quite hit Cambodia yet, though I assure you we are all waiting with bated breath for that day to come. (On that day presumably, the UN will finally stop offering hazard pay to its employees here. Hahahaa, just kidding!)

Therefore, chicken fingers are rendered interesting (really) and these were really good. Nice panko crusted, plenty of meat, a bit of sesame flavor and some sweet chili sauce. Worked for us.

Damn, that was a good salad. It isn't often you get to utter those words, you know? Often a salad is something you resort to because you're not that hungry, or nothing else looks good, or it's Wednesday and you have to eat at your desk and you want to be healthy, stuff like this. But this salad had charcoal grilled chicken, shaved hard parmesan, home-made garlic croutons, and apple alongside the usual foliage, along with a nice mustardy dressing, and it was fantastic. I ordered this twice in four days it was so good. Don't slight the salad.

If you're looking for a place to stay in Kampot that is less....Bodhi Villa like....than my personal favorite (Bodhi Villa!), Rikitikitavi is your number. Friends say the rooms are lovely and nicely appointed, and rates are pretty reasonable. And they throw in breakfast. Hard to beat, friends.

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