new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Le Marmite: Thank God for the French (Well, Sometimes)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Le Marmite: Thank God for the French (Well, Sometimes)

Le Marmite
#80, Oknha Ing Bun Hoaw, St 108, Corner of Peam (St 51)
023 998 161

Phnom Penh has a lot of French restaurants - not surprising, for a former French colony. A French friend of mine, who lives in Thailand, says he comes to Cambodia mostly to eat good French food. I'm certainly not complaining about the ready availability of boeuf bourguignon, crepes, and steak frites in this part of the world.

Le Marmite is a rather worthy contender in the PP French food scene, located in a somewhat out of the way spot close to Wat Phnom. It's on a kind of seedy looking block and looks less than sexy from the outside - which kept me away for a while - but is very salubrious and contemporary on the inside.

The menu hits up all the usual French classics—alongside a good selection of pasta— with a lot of revolving specials, and is quite reasonably priced. Naturally, there's a good wine list.

These little pastries containing gorgonzola and ham were absolutely fantastic, served alongside a small, garlicky salad. Buttery puff-pastry and a healthy amount of cheese: would order again. I'm kind of fantasizing about them right now.

My tragically lactose-intolerant boyfriend went with the spaghetti bolognese, which was quite good and prepared in the traditional (read: not painfully saturated with tomato) style. Portion sizes are not huge here, as my boyfriend observed, although nothing is ever quite large enough for a very tall Iowa boy transplanted to the Land of Tiny Things (and people).

More buffet coverage coming soon to a blog near you. Actually, Phnom Penh has a pretty healthy number of all-you-can eat places, though they must be hunted for, at least more so than in the USA.

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