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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rum House New Orleans: Jesus, That Salad is Huge

Rum House
3128 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115-2305
(504) 941-7560

The Rum House Caribbean Taqueria is one of those twee looking joints that opened up last year on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I always regarded it with healthy suspicion because it just looked so goddamn cute and concepty on the outside and it made my eyebrows raise up a little. Still, I was doing some shopping on Magazine, I needed some lunch, and I decided to give it a shot. I ordered the jerk chicken salad with a side of coleslaw. Turns out that was a helluva good salad, with a lot of tender jerk chicken meat, an interesting papaya-salsa relish, and plenty of avocado.

The coleslaw was also pretty good too - I've been on a coleslaw tear of late, what can I say. The main thing I'd forgotten was how shockingly huge American entree salads are. This by no means a bad thing. (I'm having an increasing number of Bumpkin Expat who Lives in a Developing Country Moments when I head home. Guess that does happen).

They've also got a ton of varieties of tacos, fried snacks like conch fingers, jerk chicken, some fancier entrees (curried lamb shank sounds nice) and other Latino-Caribbean influenced dishes - and naturally, a hellaciously long listing of rums, organized by place of origin. Think I'll be back.

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