new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates: Artisian Tastiness in Sacramento

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates: Artisian Tastiness in Sacramento

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
1801 L Street Suite 60 •
Sacramento, CA 95811
P 916.706.1738

Artisian chocolates, if you haven't noticed (you poor soul) are everywhere. Valentines Day is impending, love is in the air, and Whitman's Samplers with frilly lace on the front just ain't going to cut it if your paramour happens to be a true blue foodie. Thankfully, Sacramento's own Ginger Elizabeth chocolates provides a delightfully convenient (and tasty) solution to the dilemma. Well, if you live here, that is.

Ginger Elizabeth herself - who first began her chocolate wholesale company as a merestripling of 24 - often mans the boutique on L Street during opening hours, and can be seen feverishly making, packaging, and promoting the goods. The retail store sells super high end hot chocolate (including a Oaxacan spicy variety), coffee, baked goods, and an assortment of other chocolatey delights.

From left to right: hazelnut praline, toasted coconut, raspberry, palet d' or (dark chocolate), chewy lavender caramel, orange jasmine tea.

And what chocolates they are. Sure, the uniform square shapes may not possess as much visual hot-damn as some other fancy chocolate makers, but the intense and original flavors within those little cubes will make up for any perceived lack. (And I rather like the slick long boxes they come in). Elizabeth makes everything from scratch and carefully infuses her ganache centers with various flavor essences, avoiding the use of preservatives. That means they don't keep: eat em' when you get em'. These puppies aren't cheap, however: a six piece box goes for $12.00.

I particularly enjoyed the chewy and floral salted lavender caramel, the intensively tropical passion fruit (a perennial favorite in this family) and the highly complex and perfumed Orange Jasmine Tea. But you're not going to get a nasty white nougat or rock-hard caramel in this assortment, thank God.


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the macarons over there are the bomb, too.

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