new Things I Ate in Cambodia: New Station Chinese Food

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Station Chinese Food

New Station
1800 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 446-6688

New Station is one of Broadway's Divey Ethnic Places, a restaurant genre near and dear to my heart, perhaps nearest-and-dearest. A tiny and bare-bones Chinese restaurant with late-nite hours and a long, odd menu, it's one of my favorite options when you just want some damn Chinese food sans pretension, preferably at a late hour. There's seafood tanks if you want the fresh stuff, hot-pot dishes, a nice selection of Chinese veg dishes and all the other accoutrement of authentic Chinese food. By no means fine dining, but hits the spot. It's in a bit of a rough area. Don't leave valuable stuff in the car.

Gigantic bowl of hot and sour soup. They do a pretty nice one here: lots of "stuff" in it, a good combination of vinegar and meaty flavors, not too gloppy or padded out with cornstarch.

Seafood in X.O sauce on a bed of bok-choy. X.O sauce is the chopped dried-seafood sauce developed as a luxury item in 1980's Hong Kong- it is named after the expensive cognac brand. I like the salty umami flavor of it and order it often. This was pretty good, though I would have preferred more scallops and shrimp and less squid-bits.

Chili shrimp - meh. We obviously wandered by accident onto the American-style Chinese food portion of the menu with this one. Ketchupy and sweet sauce with jalapenos and some canned Chinese water chestnuts, as well as some slightly fried and beheaded shrimp. Skip it.

Pea-greens. These delicate spinach like guys are fantastic when cooked in a light garlic sauce. A nice rendition. They contritely told us they "only had the big ones" but they served me just fine.

New Station is a nice, quick choice for real Chinese food on Broadway - and a small and intimate departure from the nuttiness of New Canton on a busy night. FIsh around the menu and pick the stuff that looks interesting, and you'll have a late-night meal for not a heck of a lot of money.

Just don't make eye-contact with the homeless guys outside. They don't like that.


metrolick said...

I like so much the Chinese food and more these shrimps because they're huge, I like to feel the sensation of those shrimps in my mouth and combine them with some ingredients I get from the pharmacy

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