new Things I Ate in Cambodia: My New Iphone, Sparkling Wine, and Other Things

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Iphone, Sparkling Wine, and Other Things

I have an Iphone now. This has rather revolutionized my food blogging activities. Suddenly I can snap a decent picture anywhere I am at any time, then toss it up on the Internet immediately. Real-time food blogging and food writing. The new era is here. My mind is semi-blown. As this translates to you, you can now see what I ate recently with considerably less lag time. Amazing.

I am considering starting a Tumblr counterpart to this blog. For now, here's some recent Iphone photos of food and beverages. The holidays are a good time.

Four glasses of Dom Pérignon (a gift, don't think me a total ass, just a semi ass) on Christmas Day. We are truly fortunate. As for the champers? Good, with a nice dry, pleasantly musky flavor, but I dunno....not 180 bucks a bottle good, says I. We tried Domaine Carneros's Le Reve blend today and I found it a much more pleasant and buttery bubbly.

The Domaine Carneros sparkler tasting. Far left is the Brut Cuvee, our favorite, and fortitously, the least expensive. A sharp and tastefully sweet flavor. Eminently suitable for light summer dinners and hot evenings. In the middle is the Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour (guys, silly name) which is made with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This was fine, but not really to my taste: slightly fruity, with considerable mineral overtones. The far right is the Blanc de Noir Cuvee or "white from black," a sparkling wine made from Pinot grapes. It had a musky and rather intense flavor, with a bit of a peppery bite.

Our next door neighbor, Kelvin, works for Domaine Carneros, and was gracious enough to show us around this Sunday. We were extremely impressed with their stuff - high quality and organic sparkling wines (as well as a swell pinot and some other things) with a real eye towards detail. The tasting area is also very nice, with complete table service and a nice cheeseplate, salmon, and caviar selection to accompany things. Not the cheapest tasting experience by any means, but certainly worthwhile in terms of quality.

The cheese plate at Carneros, chosen to accompany sparkling wines. Did I mention I am VERY VERY HAPPY with my Iphone's camera? I think I should.

The Iphone has even saved me from having to actually list the cheeses, since they are described quite extensively and accurately here. Good lord, I love technology.

The view from the Carneros simulated French chateau. A lovely day, with a tiny bit of haze in the hills. A nice departure from the miserable driving rain of the morning.

Another lovely scene. And a lovely day. Thank you, Domaine Carneros, sparkling fermented beverages, Apple Computer, Kelvin, my parents, etc etc. I may have left things out but I will apologize if addressed.

- F.G

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