new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Kru Sushi: Sacramento's Tastiest Raw Fish

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kru Sushi: Sacramento's Tastiest Raw Fish

2516 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816-4815
(916) 551-1559

Kru is Sacramento's upscale sushi emporium, shooting for a crowd more interested in nuanced flavors and a hip ambience then the Mikuni adherents. Instead of gigantic mayonnaise-drenched rolls and sake-choco-tinis, Kru is more interested in producing refined nuevo-Japanese cuisine at upscale prices, in a chilled out (if hipster-infested) setting. The place isn't always 100%, but in my opinion, it's the region's tastiest and most "serious" sushi. Check it out. On this particular visit, they were really firing on all cylinders, and we had a downright delightful meal.

One of the daily specials consisted of monkfish, Japanese mushrooms, and flash-fried piquillo peppers, an extremely Spanish influenced dish. And did it ever taste that way. I was instantly reminded of the copious amounts of monkfish I consumed over the summer in Spain and especially in the Basque country - the perfectly cooked "poor man's lobster" was complimented perfectly by a snappy pan-sear and a soy sauce glaze. Just excellent.

We tried the gorgeous sashimi tapas, the chef's choice of fish. I will say right now I cannot recall exactly what all of this stuff was, other then that it was delicious and extremely attractive. A hell of a step up from the area's usual "sashimi samplers" - shoddily cut merely-okay fish slapped on a plate. Interesting but not overpowering sauces and accompaniments? Good.

Next was the Hawaiian walu and enoki mushroom "parcel" with soy, sake, and garlic, a special that found its way onto the permanant menu due to overwhelming popularity. For good reason. A nice subtle flavor permeated both the fish and the meaty, delightfully alien-like enokis.

A special of pork belly over a wild mushroom risotto. Not particularly Asian, but certainly very tasty, with the tender, uber-fatty pork in confluence with the earthy mushrooms. The risotto was a spot too dense.

Seaweed salad. I cannot not order this stuff, I am afraid. A good version here, though real seaweed dorks should check out Kru's other seaweed salad, which features weird-ass stuff doubtless scraped off the ocean floor.

Kru was spot on during this visit, and I'm certain I'll be returning to sample their interesting food in the future. Whenever I save up my pennies, anyhow. Great sushi don't come cheap. And that's probably the way it should be.


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