new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Tofu Doughnuts

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tofu Doughnuts

Tofu Doughnut photo from the excellent Shizuoka Gourmet blog.

So we're sitting in our office today at Tulane, and my friend Amanda started talking about really disgusting food. "Tofu dougnuts," she said. "That sounds really disgusting."

I was sitting at my laptop, and thought fast. I immediately googled "Tofu Doughnuts". I was not at all surprised to find that tofu doughnuts actually exist. In fact, there are many recipes for tofu doughnuts, many incarnations of Tofu Doughnuts. Take a look.

Fluffy Tofu Doughnuts Holes
These look all right. Tofu is mashed into pancake batter, then fried.

Tofu Doughnuts
Straight up. Exactly what it says it is. Doughnuts made with tofu. They're popular in Japan. But they also eat ice cream with fish in it in Japan. (I suppose that would be in truth be no worse then freezing a herring salad, but freezing a herring salad?)

Korean Tofu Doughnuts from Mr. Doughnut. The reviewer says they are "terrible". Well.

Does this finding indicate something particular about the Internet? I suspect it does. Does the existence of Tofu Doughnuts indicate that our universe is a diverse and fascinating place, full of infinite variety?

Will I ever eat a tofu doughnut?


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undercover caterer said...

I guess I'd try one, but I'm skeptical.