new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Food Frippery

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food Frippery

Food Frippery

The Chinese want our feet...and wings.

The Chinese are addicted to the chemically-enhanced giant feet of our local birds, and are opposing USA threats to cut off imports of it's chicken. Where would the dim-sum industry be without our corn-fed American birds footsies?

Slow Food Offering Pay Whatcha Like Memberships!

Skip Slow Food's usual 60 dollar membership fee and join up for however much you can afford. Offer ends in October, so get to the website and throw your hat in the ring.

Hell yes, we need more Korean food in NOLA!


Leave it to sugar-addicted Utah to invent the Cupcake Shake, a liquified version of the omnipresent baked good. Oh my.

Are You A Menu Whisperer? - Serious Eats

I like to think I am - I have a pretty good track record of ordering the best thing the restaurant's got- but I wish I was better. There's some art to figuring out what a restaurant knocks out of the park and what is just taking up menu space.


Becky said...

glad to see you found the cupshake!

they are crazy good. but how could they not be? ice cream, cake and could it taste bad.

thankfully i was there for just the tasting so i only had spoonfuls of each flavor. a whole one would put me over.

nice blog.

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