new Things I Ate in Cambodia: Otello alla Concordia - Roman Restaurants

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Otello alla Concordia - Roman Restaurants

Otello alla Concordia
Via Della Croce, 81
00187 Roma (RM), Italy
+39 06 6791178

A laid-back place with its own courtyard and an indisputably old school Italian feel, Otello alla Concordia is a decent choice near the steps. The food is not spectacular, but is simple, well executed, and a nice feed when you'd rather not drop a mortgage on haute cuisine for the fifth night in a row. Nice al-fresco dining too.

A simple caprese salad. Good tomatoes - surprisingly hard to find in Italy. Mozz was also on target, though as I have mentioned before, I have been ruined on the stuff due to Umbria.

An antipasto plate - good selection of meats. The butter, believe it or not, is a traditional accompaniment to prosciutto. I don't get it, but whatever makes you damn Italians happy.

I went for a classic: chicken cacciatore. This was pretty good, if a bit oily - reminded me of what I make at home from Marcella Hazan's invaluable book. The meat was tender and the peppers provided some good flavor.

Another Roman standby: a half chicken cooked under a brick. Good and juicy, although a bit basic - but that's what Roman trattoria food is, meaty and simple. I like the style. Couldn't find any chicken alla diavola on the menu in the places I went, which depressed me, but so it goes.

My mom had a seafood risotto. Nice flavor, slightly chewy and al dente rice (way I like it) and plenty of aquatic friends. Could have been a spot warmer but otherwise nice.

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