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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roman Restaurants: Enoteca Antica

Enoteca Antica
Via della Croce, 76
00187 Roma (Latium), Italy
+39 066 790896

For lunch, I decided to return to a place I'd been with the Tulane group. Enoteca Antica is a very pleasant wine bar and eatery on Via della Croce, close to the Spanish Steps and in a delightfully atmospheric alley. (You will hear accordians, be solicited to purchase pizza, and witness Italian women with dynamite boob jobs during your time here, consider it a culture experience.) The restaurant itself is pleasant both inside and out, and is a good place to cool off from a smack-yo-mama hot Rome afternoon. The menu is extensive and features excellent antipasto platters, thin-crust and wood fired pizzas, pastas, and some interesting meat dishes. Put it on your lunch list.

I had a salad with the usual excellent European tuna fish, mozarella, egg, potato, and tomato. Do not know why potato is considered a bizarre and nightmarish thing to put on a salad in the USA, unless it is a warm potato salad, but that is the nature of human existence.

My dad had the Eggplant Parmesan, which was a nice specimen of the genre: good marinara sauce, roasted instead of deep fried, a reasonable quantity of cheese. Eggplant parmesan is usually a horror show in the USA but may be safely ordered most places in Rome.

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foodhoe said...

I've seen the potato, tuna and egg thing on menus but it didn't sound very good. That particular plate looks delicious and fresh!