new Things I Ate in Cambodia: off to sacramento then to points otherwise

Monday, May 04, 2009

off to sacramento then to points otherwise

Sorry for my absenteeism. I've been moving out of my apartment in New Orleans, putting my possessions in storage, and preparing to head back to Sacramento for a month. It's been a great year here in NOLA, and I'm looking forward to eating lots of interesting things around town next semester. Look for reviews of Frankie and Johnnie's, Commanders Palace, and a revisit to Dante's Kitchen very soon - as well as some Jazzfest stuff and nonsense. (I got to see Neil Young's head for like a minute. He is still apparently rocking).

Officially going to be going to Italy, Switzerland, and Spain this summer. Will be covering and blogging a Tulane Slow Food program in Bolsena. Watch this space.

For now, have some North Korean propaganda cartoons, complete with fuzzy animals.


Matthew said...

You need to get a reservation for the Chefs Table at Commander's sometime. It is an unbelievable experience

Faine said...

Definitely want to do that soon. We had a great time at coming soon!