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Friday, April 24, 2009

Food Frippery

Noodle Waterslide - CNET
The Japanese have now invented a waterslide for noodles - your lucky udon or somen can go on an exciting adventure down a playland invented just for them. I'm not sure what turning noodles into lovable pets does to a child's psyche, but it can't be good. (Yes, I want one. Bad.)

Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia
I've never been here but this is one of the most gorgeously designed restaurant sites I've ever seen. Kinda makes me want to go to Philly and order a sundae. Whoever designed this website deserves accolades and "waffle ice cream sandwiches". (Oh my).

I'll be at Jazzfest next weekend, but I'm already pysching up for the food stalls (purported to be legendary). will be twittering the eats on offer. is eating its way through Jazzfest and the results look most excellent.

Meatcards: business cards made out of meat and lasers. I don't think I even have to describe this to get the concept across.

Donald Link's Real Cajun is out and I want it now. Donald Link has actually personally corrected me on points of difference between Creole and Cajun food and now I want to know the whole shebang. Also, hot damn look at that gumbo on the cover. Just look at it.

Kimchi goes mainstream.
Will kimchi bump salsa off its pedestal as former creepy ethnic food now embraced and loved by all? Who's to say. Seems like that fermented but oh so divine cabbage is gaining new fans (and producers) in Los Angeles. Can middle America be far behind? Will kimchi tacos appear at Taco Bell?

Also: regarding Tom Colicchio's comment that "indian street food" will be the next big sandwich trend: well, duh. Personally, I'm betting on dosas. Look at the popularity of Tabla and Dosa in the bay: I think dosas are endlessly adaptable and will be beloved by all. And chaat needs to get some more love as well.

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