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Friday, March 06, 2009

Taqueria Corona: Mmm, Steak

Taqueria Corona
5932 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 897-3974

Taqueria Corona purports to be real deal Mexican food in New Orleans, a distinctly un-Mexican food friendly city. (Taco Bell, my friends and compatriots, is not Mexican food.) Therefore, I regarded Taqueria Corona with initial suspicion - but I ended up being honest-to-god pleasantly surprised.

The restaurant is a pleasant and very family-feeling place - lots of old Mexican ads and signs on the walls, lot of people getting off work or school or whatever to chow down. The menu is pretty simple and emphasizes tacos (including lengua!,) with carne asada and fish tacos touted as the best darn things on the menu. You can also order enchiladas, quesadillas, and Mexican pizzas (well okay.)

My group started with the Queso FUNdido (yes, it was spelled like that) with white and orange cheeses, chipotle, jalapeno, and probably some other stuff. It was quite tasty, if a bit runny, with a good back of the mouth burn. The tortilla chips also seemed to be freshly made - yummy. In a quirk I do not approve of, Taqueria Corona only offers pico de gallo, not salsa. Mind you it is good pico de gallo, but it's not like there's anything un-Mexican about salsa - people in Mexico frickin' adore salsa. What's up with that?

I had the cebollitas (grilled green onions) and a steak taco for my main course. The cebollitas were tasty but had too much salt on them: ask for less salt when you order and they should be dandy. There is also no polite or delicate way to eat a cebollita, but such is life. The carne asada was truly exceptional, and for three measly dollars you get a very large amount of rare, tender, and nicely seasoned cow on a grilled flour tortilla. I very much enjoyed this and I want to come back for a just plain carne asada - yum. My tablemates got California Burritos roughly as big as their heads and said they were good, and my professor swears by the fish tacos. Will have to try those next time.

Reasonably authentic and tasty Mexican food at killer prices makes Taqueria Corona a winner in my book. I'll be back for more delicious, delicious steak (and lengua if I'm feeling sassy.)

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