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Monday, February 16, 2009

food news and sundry, food the new sex, et all

A very interesting article on how food has taken over from sex as America's neuroses, its under-cover sin. Personally, I buy it: many people who take exceedingly laissez- faire attitudes toward all manner of bedroom activities control their food intake with the obsessive attention of Jain ascetics. Kinky is fine, calorific most definitely not. Women confess on the alter of Self Magazine that they have sinned, they have indulged of the flesh, they have consumed the unclean bacon cheeseburger - and the problem ain't that it's not kosher. As I've written here earlier, food is not sin and we are doing ourselves and our health a disservice for pretending it is.

Enough vaguely intellectual stuff! Have some food!

James Beard Foundation releases list of chef and restaurant awards semifinalists -

New Orlean's James Beard chef and restaurant awards semifinalists are out. The competition: hot and delicious. I really really need to make it to Brigsten's fo certain.

The Bunrabs share with us their startlingly-good looking recipe for bacon caramel corn. Oh baby.

Bay Area's new-school barbeque gives tradition a kick in the ribs -

Hem. Color me incredulous. I like Cali-style tri tip as well as anyone but I also wouldn't go around calling it barbeque, like a common blasphemer. And mixing up BBQ styles rarely bodes well. But we shall see. We shall see.

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