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Monday, February 02, 2009

Bistro Italia: Best Damn Tuna Salad Ever Fo Sho

Semolinas Bistro Italia
3226 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 895-4260

This is the best grilled tuna salad I have ever had. I do not bandy these words about lightly for I have had many grilled tuna salads: they will probably find I had elevated levels of mercury that were making me insane after I die. But I repeat, this be a damn fine salad, a prince among salads.

Note the awesome, weird bowl the salad is served in. Perfectly seared tuna is cut and filleted over a bed of spring mix. Then, my beloved New Orleans olive salad is added to the mix, along with marinated cherry tomatoes, white beans, and a reasonable but not obscene covering of freshly grated parmesan. A thick, tangy, and delicious lemon fennel dressing is served on the side: use it to dip the tuna. Just delicious: the tangy, fruity taste of the marinated vegetables and the olive salad are a killer combination.

Bistro Italia is very nice inside and seems to attract a fairly upscale crowd. Prices are quite reasonable for high quality sit down food in this expensive city, and service is snappy. The menu features a wide variety of Italian favorites - though no pizza- and many of the entrees, especially the roasted chicken and the Italian pot roast, look quite tasty. Too bad I sincerely doubt I will order anything other then this Badass Salad when I go there. Such is life.

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