new Things I Ate in Cambodia: la macarena pupuseria, gourmet peanut butter, steakhouses reopen

Monday, January 26, 2009

la macarena pupuseria, gourmet peanut butter, steakhouses reopen

La Macarena Pupeseria
8120 Hampson St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 862-5252

Pupusas are a common dish in El Salvador: think of a thick corn tortilla, usually stuffed with a variety of delicious feelings. Pupuserias are becoming more and more common in the USA - Sacramento has a healthy collection - and their quesadilla-esque creations are gaining quite a bit of popularity.

La Macarena Pupeseria opened around a month ago in the Riverbend district of New Orleans. The menu has got a healthy collection of pupusas, including a foofoo but tasty sounding sun dried tomato variant, as well as ropa vieja, camarones en salsa, and a good variety of other Latin American dishes. Ceviche, tamales, and guacamole are also on the menu, as well as a few Latin inflected sandwiches. Prices are fairly reasonable for New Orleans - and Tulane students take note, I hear they're offering student discounts.

I decided to go for the tropical shrimp salad ($12.95) which was quite good: tasty shrimps on a bed of mixed greens, hearts of palm, cabbage slaw, tomato, and avocado, topped off with a lemony and rather Caesar-esque dressing, as well as a couple of rounds of thick and buttery garlic bread. It's a nice fresh salad and a pretty good value, considering our price-gougin happy locale. I promise to return soon and try the ropa vieja and ceviche: I have been negligent in not doing so sooner. And stuff.

In other news....

PB Loco Flavored Peanut Butters

Asian Curry spice and Cocoa-banana peanut butter anyone? All jest aside, this stuff actually looks kinda promising. Could be an interesting addition if one just wants to throw together a quick Thai meal and needs a break from the endless onslaught of Skippy.

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice cream cupcakes sound like an absolutely brilliant idea and I heartily salute the person who came up with this bidness. I happen to love Philly Swirl Italian ice cups and I can only imagine that these will be a winner in the "cheap but alluring" frozen food department. Nom.

Two Classic N.O Steakhouses Sizzling Again

Good to hear that some more restaurants are coming on back from the deluge. Also, that $23 buck filet mignon at Charlie's sounds like a pretty good deal next time I get my steak jones on.

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foodhoe said...

Hello, I came here via linkage, nice site! I tried the PB Loco products with curry, chocolate chips and crunchy. It was all right for snacking but I prefer the texture of Trader Joe's or Adam's better...