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Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day Of Whining: The Election Nears An End

It's Time For More Thoughts:!

- The election is OVER TOMORROW. I would be going to a party and getting all boozed up and toasty in celebration, but, alas, I have a genetics test on Wednesday. This means I shall instead be hanging out inside and watching the returns and kind of hating everyone who IS out getting boozed up and toasty and jeering at the TV. I am hoping for good news. This election has gone on for two terribly long years - I remember reading about it this time last year and ALREADY being done with the damn thing - and I will be so thrilled when I can stop thinking about it. 

The irony is that back in 2004, I had the vague notion of growing up to become a political pundit. Thankfully, the combination of bitter defeat and constant abuse from my conservative classmates put an end to that most quickly. There is always a silver lining. 

- On that topic...

I am beyond sick of my fellow Obama supporters, who seem to believe that working themselves into anxious fits over OMG WHAT IF OBAMA DOESN'T win is somehow productive or interesting. Yes, we got our tree-hugging butts whipped good in 2000 and again in 2004 and it hurt like a bitch but it is extremely unlikely to happen again and for god's sake stop whining. If my tiny little hunch that Obama will win easily is proven wrong on Tuesday, I will of course be terribly embarrassed for at least five minutes. 

In the world of New Orleans...

- Discovered that Bistro Italia near my house on Magazine makes a mean grilled tuna salad. Covered in olive salad and parmesan and with lemon tarragon dressing yeah baby. I shall return post haste. (Although, why the hell is Pad Thai on their menu? Really?

- The weather here has been absolutely, posilutely lovely. 75 degrees and cool with a slight breeze and constantly reminding me why I moved here in the first place. I love checking out the Great Barrington weather forecast and sniggering evilly to myself. 

On a final note....

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