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Thursday, November 27, 2008

more on the mumbai attacks

One of my pictures from Mumbai this April at Chowpatty Beach.

More personal accounts of the attacks from the Wall Street Journal:

Cafe Leopold - "Between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night, two gunmen who appeared to be in their mid 20s pull out machine guns and opened fire on the restaurant full of evening dinners. The crowd scattered but more than 10 people were shot, he said. "It is still just like it was left," Mr. Jehani said later. "There is blood all over and not one table is standing. They are all upside down."

The gunmen moved on after shooting and the injured were stuffed into private cars and Mumbai's trademark tiny yellow and black taxis. The police didn't show up for 20 minutes. "We used whatever vehicle was available," Mr. Jehani said." - Eric Bellman

Taj Hotel: "It's familiar, it's iconic and even if it represents nothing more than a beautiful old building to see it ablaze like that is just shocking," Mr. (Peter) Keep said.

Thursday morning he watched as they started bringing bodies out of the hotel. "The authorities have been bringing out a load of bodies. About one dozen ambulances have come and they have been reversing them into the entrance," he said." - Eric Bellman

WITNESS: Walking the Streets on Mumbai's Night of Fear - Reuters

Good eyewitness article...

"There were very young - almost like boys." - Times of India

"A short walk away, at Leopold Café, a destination made popular for foreign backpackers by Gregory David Roberts’s best-selling novel Shantaram, the walls were left pocked with bullet marks and the floors streaked with blood. The wreckage of a red scooter, the remains of shop awnings and broken glass were strewn across the street.

“They shot indiscriminately,” Paul Stanley, an Australian tourist, said of the men who opened fire at the bar.

Sourav Mishra, a journalist who had been at Leopold, did not seem to know what had happened, such was the swiftness of the strike. Sharing a bed with three other people in hospital, he said: “I heard some gunshots . . . I was with my friends. Something hit me. I ran away and fell on the road. Then somebody picked me up.”

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