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Thursday, November 20, 2008

juan's flying burrito: go funny menu! go tex-mex!

Juan's Flying Burrito
2018 magazine street
new orleans, louisiana 70130

Good lord, just read the restaurant's name. How could I not love this place?

Thankfully, Juan's ain't exactly hard to love. It's a casual and expensive taqueria on Magazine Street, turning out solid and interesting Tex-Mex eats to an eager and hungover NOLA public. May it last forever.

Since I was hanging with my veggie bandit friend, we stuck to the non-meat side of things, though I want to come back to try the spicy shrimp fajitas ASAP. What DID we order?

I am a sucker for fajitas in any format, so I went for the Wicked Garden fajitas ($9.95), an impressively large plate of broccoli, spinach, squash, red pepper and onion, combined with addictively pungent roasted garlic. It even came with guacamole and spicy sauce. I easily managed to hork the whole thing down and would have been happy with more. Veggie fajitas can at times be sad affairs but Juan's has dodged the bullet here.

Aforementioned veggie bandit went with the Veggie Punk burrito (6.50), containing potatoes, jalepenos, beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, and cheese and sour cream if you want em'. This was also huge and proclaimed to be tasty indeed: she was able to save some to take home.

Note: Juan's has silly names for dishes. I love silly names for dishes. Restaurants, take note!

I'll definitely be returning in the near future to try some of the dead animal selections. I am most pleased to find tasty Mexican food near me: sometimes the South can seem like a real Mexican food wasteland to a Californian like myself. Whew.

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