new Things I Ate in Cambodia: MORE OBSERVATIONS

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



- I made a tasty catfish and okra stir-fry the other night. Caj-Asian cuisine's time is, I suspect, coming. I am also continually appalled at this country's curious general aversion to catfish, which I adore.

Plus: cooking with catfish and okra means the combined slime requires no thickening agent whatsoever! Isn't that cool?


- Settling into Tulane and now hunting jobs. There seems to be a decent amount of stuff out there, which is a refreshing change from the employment wasteland that is Sacramento. I have applied for a research assistant post, t-shirt store worker, and sales girl at a vintage clothing and costume store. We shall see.

I can always be a shot-girl at one of the Bourbon Street bars but I think mom will fly down and beat me to death.

- I'm writing a short story right now that I don't actually hate, which is a big step for me. I'll be the first to admit fiction isn't my strong suit, but this is proving rather enjoyable. It's about China, which is making me nostalgic. Maybe I'll try to get back to the Middle Kingdom soon as I get a chance (and take more Chinese classes.)

- Speaking of: visited Five Happiness this weekend, purported to be the best Chinese in the city. Pretty good, though not on the level of hardcore authenticity offered by my beloved California cantonese chow houses. They did have a tasty bean curd clay pot and my eternally beloved broccoli with crab meat sauce, and everything was super fresh and tasty - so I imagine I will return. Review forthcoming of course.

I know am a snob but it really amuses me to see folks eating Chinese food American style - no sharing, forks and knives, lots of fried food and those inexplicable wonton-strip appetizer things. And Egg Foo Young. Teehee.

- Greek Diet Succumbing To Fast Food

And the march of crap food continues across the planet. This is why supposedly elitist groups like Slow Food exist, folks: to preserve the important food heritage we are very quickly losing. Good, healthy food should not be an exclusive preserve of the wealthy and it is a travesty that it is so in this country, where the poor can survive a lot easier on a diet of Pringles and Pepsi then they can on fresh produce and meat. Let's do what we can to stave the tide of dietary decay in other nations.

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