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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

i like to call this a filler post because i forgot to write a real one


ITEM ONE: Never, ever, google "flesh eating virus" on a whim. You will be terribly, terribly sorry.

You just went and did it, didn't you. You're a fool. A fool.

ITEM TWO: I have acquired an apartment in New Orleans. It's right on the Mardi Gras parade route. I am very sad about this because I really hate parties and alcohol and carrying on and I so very much hope that no one will ever attempt to party anywhere near me. Ever. Ever ever.

ITEM THREE: I registered for all my classes at Tulane so I guess I am mildly to moderately official. Apparently I won't have to become a Bombay stripper after all to survive and eke out a meager living from this cruel, harsh world. (Also I couldn't be a stripper because I can't dance.)

ITEM FOUR: I leave for New Orleans on the 27th. There will be lots of posts about Creole food, assuming I can fit in some eating in between the exciting and numerous cocktail varieties the Crescent City has to offer.

ITEM FIVE: Hey, I could start doing cocktail reviews! That's really innovative!

ITEM SIX: I will have an apartment all to myself. I'm thinking Bollywood Transsexual Tiki Bar theme. Maybe I will get on the New Orleans home show. (those who know me know this is not an idle threat but terrifyingly possible. they will find my corpse covered in rotting antique books about loyal sheepdogs, eerily stained photographs of Shah Rukh Khan, and tiki-themed dinette sets.)

.....Yes. I will probably write something marginally serious about New Orleans tomorrow if I can scrape out some time from my busy schedule of reading the Penny Arcade archives and listening to bad German techno. Maybe.

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