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Monday, July 21, 2008

mighty mighty blog overhaul

I have nothing to do this summer.

Due to a sad confluence of events and a crap economy, I haven't been able to find a summer job. Further more, I am going to New Orleans soon to pick out an apartment (oh boy!) and employment prospects are not looking good.

Of course I am looking forward to going to New Orleans. Very much. It is one of America's great cities, the home of my ancestors, and also has delicious food, including such wonders as oysters Rockefeller, soft shell crabs, and po' boys as big as Sammy Sosa's thighs. Tulane University decided to 1. accept me and 2. give me a big scholarship, and since I am not one to turn down Free Money, I took it. I am very happy things turned out that way.

Which leads me to the gist: I want to take a new route with this blog. I want to be able to post something every day, and since it's hard even for me to think of something to say about food every day, I'm going to diversify my portfolio and begin writing about all sorts of stuff.

I am interested in a lot of things beyond food, ranging from cartooning to Mughal history to Utahraptor predation methods, and I would like to talk about them. If I find something interesting on the internet, am excited about something, or simply want to complain, it'll go here. I make no claims about anyone on the entire internet actually wanting to read it but it'll keep me out of trouble (and maybe even out of prison!).

I will probably change the title. Once I think of a good one. This may never happen.

I will still post often about food, mainly because food occupies an embarrassing amount of my mental space and I am relocating to New Orleans, where apparently people are just as food obsessed as I am. I cannot wait.

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