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Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore Bombings

(Photo copyright Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.)

I'd like to interrupt my regular programming to mention this: a series of bomb attacks occured yesterday in Bangalore, India, scene of many of my happiest recent memories. I was rather worried about my many friends and associates in Bangalore, but thankfully, everyone seems to have come out unscathed. It's a damn shame that people all over the world feel the need to commit this kind of random and disgusting violence (but we shouldn't let it scare us, now should we.)

No one knows a motive as of yet: apparently the low grade weapons were set out for the primary purpose of terrifying the populace. Which they definitely achieved. Assholes.

A similar attack occurred in Jaipur while I was in India, and my utterly-uninformed self is wondering if the two were related. They don't know the motive behind the Jaipur attacks too, but they apparently were aimed at inciting sectarian violence.

My thoughts go out to all B'lore residents.

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